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"Richard is the real deal. We improved the profitability of one of our deals by 30%! "
Davy J. Tyburski
President and CEO
Profit InnerCircle

Richard Villasana is the obvious choice for any professional or business owner wanting to dramatically increase profits.
  • Coaches executives and business owners

  • Sought after by Fortune 100 companies such as AT&T and Cisco Systems

  • Specializes in ecommerce marketing

  • Gives business and marketing presentations to corporations and universities in the U.S. and abroad

  • Top selling author

  • Recognized authority on U.S. and international marketing


Nothing speaks louder about the worth of a consultant and coach than praise from peers and clients. Here are just a few comments about the expertise of Richard Villasana and the specialists at All Media Marketing Solutions.

Olga Rebollar
"I wanted a better strategy for signing up more customers. Richard helped me understand how to communicate the many benefits we offer. He also showed me tactics on how to gain feedback from current customers about the value we provide. I now use this information in all my presentations. I find it easier to talk with potential clients to sign them up as customers. I would recommend Richard to anyone who wants to improve their sales."

Olga Rebollar
Vice President
Union Bank
La Jolla, California

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Lakendrick Wilson
Professional Speaker
Collierville, TN

Libbe HaLevy
"Richard helped me strategize my marketing position, the copy I needed to write and how to market myself in the larger online world. His ideas proved invaluable. Within one week of starting with him, my web site was up and running...and my profits IMMEDIATELY DOUBLED!

Before I worked with Richard, I'd been stuck for many months. If you are even thinking of working with a coach to increase your profits online, don’t wait another second. Sign up for coaching with Richard Villasana before he’s totally booked."

Libbe HaLevy
Communications and Creativity Expert
Tujunga, California

Stephen Szanja
"I have known Richard Villasana for nearly three years. I consider him to be a friend and business colleague, and I have the highest regard for him. Richard's sharp, observant problem-solving style has served me well on a professional and personal level many times. His boundless energy and enthusiasm for each task he tackles are infectious and go along way to making one's "journey" into a much shorter "trip." His professionalism and high standards also make him a pleasure to work with."

Stephen Szajna
Music Producer and Soundscaper
Detroit, IL

Dr. Ulwyn Pierre
"Richard is a consummate consultant and coach. His focus and commitment were always on working in my best interest and on exceeding my expectations. He has the keen ability to get to the heart of the matter, cut through the clutter to key issues, and find effective strategies and solutions. Richard is definitely a visionary and an asset to any client in need of his services. You will win with Richard!"

Dr. Ulwyn Pierre
Fortune 500 Executive Consultant
Chicago, IL

Mark Zakowski MD
"I am very pleased with the results from using the services of All Media Marketing Solutions. Within days of receiving my information, my web pages were up and running. I have also been impressed by their follow up and recommendations to help my web pages be more effective in generating leads. I would recommend their service to any company that wants to get their ecommerce business up and running as soon as possible."

Mark Zakowski, MD
Chief of Obstetric Anesthesiology
Los Angeles
Author of "The Safe Baby System"
"C-Section: How to Avoid, Prepare for and Recover from Your Cesarean"

Davy Tyburski
"Richard is the real deal! By using one of his strategies, we improved the profitability of one of our Latin American deals by 30%! If you're serious about improving your profits - you have to implement his strategies and techniques."

Davy J. Tyburski
President and CEO
Profit InnerCircle

Sharon Moist
"Richard Villasana is a great resource for any business owner who is looking for ways to increase their online presence. Richard's strength lies in his ability to listen to the individual needs of his clients, and then provide them with tips and strategies that will allow them to have more personal interaction with their website visitors. I highly recommend Richard to anyone desiring exponential growth in their own business."

Sharon Moist
Consultant, Speaker, Author, Coach

Dr. Richard Hayes
"Richard Villasana is a gentleman that has been instrumental in helping me increase my business. Not only does he furnish marketing ideals but puts real numbers to it that illustrate the progress that I have been making with my business. He has taken his business and marketing experience and personalizes it to fit my talents and strengths that I was not aware of. He helped me increase my business by almost 15% in just the first month! I recommend Mr. Villasana for the reason that I trust, like, and get results with him."

Dr. Richard Hayes
Hayes Chiropractic Center
San Diego, CA

Therese Skelly
"I am so impressed by Richard's work ethic and integrity! He works harder than most anyone I know at developing his business structures and expand his knowledge of the market. Richard is a rare entrepreneur. Not only does he have the technical expertise, but he has a heart the size of Texas! He's kind, generous, and truly committed to making a difference."

Therese Skelly
Business and Marketing Coach
Phoenix, AZ

Wendy Moneill
"Richard is an exceptional coach. Months ago he gave me an easy strategy to increase revenue. After several months of missing out on profits because I didn’t implement his advice, I took action. I’m so glad I did. This specific strategy has increased my gross profits by 20%. I would recommend to anyone especially a small business owner to start working with Richard right now. He really cares and will support you until you get the success you want. "

Wendy McNeill
Arriba Street Salon
La Jolla, California

"Richard Villasana gave me some wonderful advice about marketing. I am pleased to endorse his know how and maturity in the field of giving advice to people starting new businesses. We are thrilled to have the advice of Richard Villasana. Thank you, sir."

Bruce Tracey, PhD.
Los Angeles, California

Rob Schultz
"It's been my pleasure to know Richard for over a year, and in that time I have found him to be absolutely unwavering in his positive energy and outlook.

These days it's trendy to be positive. But as a business coach I know first hand that, for many folks, it's just a fašade to get business. With Richard, what you see is what you get: Always working to move things forward, always ready to support you. It's genuine. Its not a strategy or a ploy.

Especially in the online marketing world, it can truly be challenging to find a business ally who will truly support you to the next level of achievement in your business. Who wants what is best for you, and will walk by your side until you get it. Richard is just such a person."

Rob Schultz
Passive Revenue Product Mentor

Julia Lindsey
"Richard listens to your concerns and recommends actions that you can begin immediately. He helped us identify keywords to improve our rankings on the web. He also gave simple but valuable suggestions on how to increase the effeciveness of titles and the importance of call to action statements on our blogs and articles. He definitely has his clients in mind when he comes across information that is of value. He recently notified us of a free PR opportunity that we would have otherwise been unaware of. When you need effective ways to improve your web presence I recommend that you contact Richard."

Julia Lindsey
Author of "The Little Book of Joy"
Jeffersonville, IN

Mike Davis
"Richard has gone above and beyond the limits of normal help. Every time I have asked him a question, his advice has been right on. He knows business and marketing and what it takes to increase our profits. If every company that we dealt with would use his follow up procedures, this would make doing business so much more efficient."

Mike Davis
Sales Manager
HydrauliCircuit Technology, Inc.
Stockbridge, GA

Judy O'Higgins
"Richard has the qualities of a great leader and will inspire you to success in your business! Richard is passionate, motivated and has become very knowledgeable about many ways to create prosperity including online information products, speaking, and more. I would recommend you join now!"

Judy O'Higgins
Corporate Trainer

Pamela Armstrong
"You can't pay enough for Richard's advice. Put his expert knowledge to use to accelerate your business success."

Pamela Armstrong, MPH, MBA
Award winning author of Surviving Healthcare
Principal, Health Benefits Design Group

Greg Turner
"Over many years, I've experienced Richard Villasana as someone with the experience, know-how, and willingness to help me solve business problems. Once while talking with Richard about my business problems he quickly zeroed in on the fact that I was portraying myself as a jack-of-all-trades. He coached me to build focused, targeted websites aimed at 3 different niche markets. Once I did that, my business increased by about 75%. Without Richard's expertise, my clients would probably still be experiencing me as master of no particular business aspect."

Greg Turner, MA., CCHt
San Diego, CA

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